The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you want to paint your walls. In rooms like the kitchen, when there’s already a lot going on a plain paint color is fine. However, what if you want the color to do more than simply decorate the walls? What if you want it to stimulate brain activity to promote learning? In a kid’s room, no matter what age they are, this is a big consideration. Having a plain color might not be enough, especially if you don’t have a lot of space in the room or the child is too young to add in a lot of decorations. The best way is to add a faux finish or a mural to the wall to bring the room to life, giving your child something to look at as they peacefully fall asleep, wake up, or want to play pretend.

What is a faux finish?

A faux finish is a painting technique that can replicate certain materials, textures, and designs like wood, marble, etc. At European American Decorative Painting LTD. We offer several faux finish techniques such as wood graining, marbling, ragging, vertical/horizontal stripes, and many more.

What faux finish can you add to a kid’s room?

There are several ways faux finishing can bring a kid’s room to life. Some of the most common are murals that can spark the imagination or soothe your child as they sleep. A few murals you can paint are:

  • A Forest: Bring nature inside especially if you’re close to the city. The entire room or even one wall can be a wilderness. This is especially fun if they love studying different animals. The faux finish can be applied to the leaves and the bark making it feel more textured.
  • A Castle: Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? This will be the perfect setting for your child’s favorite story including a dragon or two.
Nursery Wallpaper
  • Air Balloons or Planes: Does your little one love the sky? Fill their wall with air balloons or planes. Every day they can pretend they’re flying to a favorite mythical land or going to visit their favorite family member.
  • A Circus: Some circuses only happen once a year. Instead of waiting for those long months, your child can enjoy their own circus! Their wall can be filled with images of their favorite games, their favorite rides, and of course the animals they get to visit.

Whether you want to transform a child’s room or update another room in the house we’ve got you covered. Contact European American Decorative Painting LTD. today for more information!