More and more areas are opening up with a few restrictions to follow. This means that, soon, clients and customers will be able to revisit your establishment. Of course, you want to make a great second impression on your customers. Now is the perfect time to add some sparkle to the building. Make it inviting and show your visitors that you’re excited to have them back at your place. Power washing is the perfect way to glam up the building while keeping it healthy at the same time! If any repairs need to be done, they can be fixed before the customers show up. Here’s why now is the best time to power wash the exterior of your business.

● Make a second first impression: No doubt, this pandemic has kept customers away by their own choice or by force if you were not an essential business. Since no one has been able to do regular maintenance, the sidewalk, walls, and windows will be looking a little shabby. No one wants to walk into a dirty building with fears of germs and bacteria still fresh in their minds. A freshly cleaned building shows people that you care not only for your business but for the health and safety of your employees and customers.

Commercial Building

● Save money: You’re not the only business that has lost money during this time. It’s only natural to want to save up a little bit. Power washing may not seem like a priority right now. It’s probably one of the best things you could do for your business at the moment. Not only will it get people wanting to visit your establishment, but it will also prevent damages that you’ll have to worry about later on. It will:

○ Prevent cracks from developing on the walls and sidewalks because of mold and mildew
○ Prevent gutters from getting too clogged up from dirt and debris
○ Clean the windows so people can see clearly into your store making it more inviting
○ Uncover issues that, if left alone, could develop into a more expensive problem later on

Sidewalk being Power Washed

● Keep it regular: Once the first cleaning happens, regular cleanings will be fast, easy, and less costly. Regularly scheduled cleanings will keep your building looking pristine and ready for customers. It’s also going to be less expensive for you as the owner. Not as much equipment will be needed to clean the building with a regular schedule.