You see the interior of your house every single day, so naturally, it’s the first to get an upgrade. But, when was the last time you really looked at the exterior of your home? Is it a little lackluster with dull, fading color? Now is the perfect time to add a fresh coat of paint, power wash, and more. You can revamp the entire space or focus on something small. Here are a few ways you can add a shine to the outside of your home.

Clean It Up: Every day, your home faces the elements of the outdoors, especially because of the seasons. Dirt, debris, and grime make their way onto the siding, windows, walkways, and more. Rain can sometimes wash it away, but more often than not, it just adds to the problem. In some cases, mold and mildew start growing. It not only looks unpleasant, but it could be a health hazard. Powerwashing will break up all that dirt, mold, and mildew giving your home the sparkle it’s been missing!

New Coat of Paint: One of the best ways to update the exterior is to repaint! You might be getting tired of the old color, or it was from the previous owners. Take this time to really personalize to you and your family.

Man Power Washing a Deck

Spruce Up The Decks: During the summer, decks are a great way to relax with a good book or spend time with the family out into the fresh air. Power washing will get rid of all the wintertime dirt and debris. This is also the best time to touch up any paint chips, or even repaint the whole deck!

Focus On The Little Things: Carefully look over the front door, window sills, shutters, and even the light fixtures. If they’re looking, a little drab and fresh coat of paint can liven up space, especially when it’s a color that compliments the color of the siding.
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