Wallpaper can really elevate a space and give life to flat surfaces with a wide variety of patterns, textures, and more.

Where And Where Not To Wallpaper

Wallpaper can serve as a great design starting point and inspiration with a variety of colors and patterns to pull from, but that doesn’t mean wallpaper belongs everywhere. Some say that wallpaper can go everywhere – even bathrooms!  Kitchens and bathrooms are no longer rooms where wallpaper can’t be used. Modern wallpaper materials have been designed to cope well with humidity, heat, and direct contact with water from tubs, showers, and sinks. The main consideration is how damp or humid the room will get, as wallpaper’s resilience has its limits. Steam is often the problem agent, requiring wallpaper to have extra work with an additional coat of waterproof varnish added.

Choosing A Style

One of the more overwhelming aspects of wallpaper is all the options. Your home should reflect who you are and your personality, so it’s key to go with wallpaper that you love. Much like other fairly permanent decisions one makes in life, it’s a great idea to collect samples of wallpapers you like, tape them up on the wall with drywall-safe tape in a visible, high-traffic space you’ll see daily, and decide on which sample you like best after a week or two. This process will help with any buyer’s remorse once all the work is done!



Picking your paper is one thing, but actually hanging it is another. While it is possible to DIY a wallpaper installation project, there are many things to consider that are best left to an expert. Safety is a big factor if your home has high ceilings and a stair will be needed for floor-to-ceiling wallpaper installation. Air bubbles, mismatched seams, and uneven walls can ruin a wallpapering project and can be more difficult to deal with than the average amateur weekend handyman can handle. This is also critically true if you’re getting creative with wallpaper and using it for pops of details in frames, staircases, cabinets, and more. Unsure how to proceed? Hire an expert! At European American Decorative Painters, we have the know-how for all of your wallpaper, painting, and power washing services in residential or commercial projects! 

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