When you think of a bathroom, what’s the first color that comes to mind? A subtle blue, a darker green, or a crisp white? Bathrooms are a place to relax, or even pamper yourself. The color of the room always sets the tone. Lighter colors typically open a room, while darker colors provide a closer, more intimate atmosphere. So, what colors will suit your bathroom?

DSC 1438

● A white can make a small bathroom feel open and is excellent for windowless rooms. It gives the illusion of having more space.

○ If you don’t want pure white, you can paint your walls a warmer or cooler white, depending on the accents you want in your bathroom. White is a beautiful choice that lets the accents shine through more.

● Pale pink is a gorgeous alternative to white. It’s a very light color which gives you the freedom to use accent pieces however you please. The pink is a pop of color without feeling overwhelmed in the room.

pink bathroom
Beautiful Bathroom with custom wallpaper

● Do you want your bathroom feeling like a spa? Paint the walls with a soft blue-green shade, helping to prompt a sense of calm in the room.

● Sometimes white might be a little too bright. Change it up with a moody green. It adds drama to the bathroom without it feeling overwhelming.

marble walls and bathroom countertops
black painted and stained wood

● While black is not a typical bathroom color, we love the contrast of black and white in a bathroom. It adds sophistication and elegance to your features.

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