Now is the best time to sell your home! Why? Between the mid-to-late summer, and the fall, families are looking for their perfect home before the school year starts or gets too far in. Also, the weather is staying more consistent making home upgrades and showings easier to do. The housing market is usually pretty competitive this time of the year so how can you make your home stand out the most? The inside of your home has to be well put together, but that’s not what’s going to invite people in. Your home needs to make a great first impression, which means the paint color needs to look clean, crisp, and inviting.

How do you choose the right color?

There’s a common misconception that when you’re selling a home it needs to be a generic white or grey to attract new buyers. This is not the case by any means. There are several colors you can choose from that can help your home stand out from the rest without being too crazy. You can look at:

The colors your HOA has agreed on, if applicable
The colors of the homes around yours
Take inspiration from the surrounding area. 

○ For Example: if you live near the woods you can use greens, browns, and blues. If you live near the water you can use beachy colors like blues, pinks, and purples. It’s amazing how a grey, white, or even tan with the right undertone can really make the house stand out.

IMG 1215

What are some of the best colors to choose from?

● Ivory is a great neutral color with a hint of warmth making it very inviting. It works wonderfully as the main color or as the trim.
Dark Green is a deep, rich color that contrasts beautifully with a black or a bright white.
Gray-green gives off a fresh, optimistic vibe that can stand on its own as the main color or compliment another color as the trim.
Blue-gray is versatile because it can work with an off white with a touch of gray or a dark navy.
Beige adds warmth to the house especially paired with white, red, or even brown.

Monochromatic or Contrasting?

Several colors work so nicely together that it can be a little overwhelming what to choose from. You don’t want your home to be one color. It’s boring and it makes your home feel flat. Mixing the main color with a trim adds dimension to the exterior, makes it more inviting, and shows potential buyers that you’ve cared for this home. There are two ways to work with the trim:

● Contrasting is when you have two different colors for the main color and the trim. For example, you would have a dark navy home with bright white trim.
Monochromatic is when you use the same color but they are different hues. For example, having a light green main color with a dark forest green trim.

What about the front door?

The front door needs to make a statement just as much, if not more than the exterior colors. It’s welcoming potential buyers as well as future guests to the home. Some ways you can make the front door pop would be:

DSC 1360

Make it the same color as the trim
Make it a contrasting or monochromatic to both the main color and the trim
Use the same color or material as the hand railings for porch rungs.