Florida is a hot, humid, tropical beach paradise year-long that calls snowbirds and summer vacationers alike for beach relaxation and summertime style. The one thing they all know is how to show off their sunny disposition with the colors of their homes! Whether you’re doing interior painting or exterior painting, here are some of the best colors to paint your home this summer – beach style!

Sandy Neutrals

Sand and sun are a staple of summer and make for a timeless paint choice for both your indoor and outdoor environments. It’s easily complimented by earthy shades of green and sea-bound shades of blue, creating a spa-like feel while still feeling livable. Pair with organic materials like wood and fibers for a complete, natural look.

Sea Glass Blues

A soft, blue-green hue calls out to the sea and looks great on the walls of your bedroom or on the outside of your home. Pair this color with crisp white furniture and natural wood floors for a better pairing and embellish with plenty of coastal decoration for a summery beach vibe.

Beach Style

Glorious Green

Summers on the coast are a lot more than sun, sand, and sea. We can’t forget the beautiful greenery of palm trees and lush grasslands that support our ecosystems. A light, seafoam green is another great color for interior painting or exterior painting and pairs well with neutral tones and leafy prints for wallpaper or decor.

Get Loud With Bright Beach Style Hues

Calming colors are great, but sometimes you have to let loose! Brighter colors like flamingo pink, sunny canary yellow, terra-cotta orange, and many more. These colors look great on sunny days and bring joy in a cloudy haze independent of where you live.


Whatever your choice of colors, European American Decorative Painters is here to help you make over your home in beautiful beach hues. From summer homes to your year-round home. No job is too big or too small for our painting experts!

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