Looking to style your home without breaking the bank? A set of newly painted kitchen cabinets from European American Decorative Painting is just what you need. Cabinets have evolved far past simple white and wood stain and color is back in fashion once more! Looking for ideas? Read on for inspiration.


Despite having the tendency to magnify flaws in the wood, black cabinets can be modern, sleek, and warm – sometimes all at once and always worth it. With contrasting backsplash, detailing, and wall colors, a set of all-black cabinets won’t feel overwhelming to your kitchen. Not into an all-black look? Choose two-tone kitchen cabinet colors by adding topside cabinets in contrasting neutrals.

black kitchen cabinets
Red Kitchen Cabinets


Ideal as an accent color in your cabinet choice, red doesn’t necessarily need to be restricted. Some modern aesthetics work better when all of the cabinets are red, but remember that with this choice, the warm shade must be balanced with neutrals – otherwise your kitchen can become an uncomfortable and overwhelming space.


Green is dynamic, and a great to liven up kitchen cabinets but be careful and use sparingly. With many happy, bright shades, green is best used with neutrals, backsplashes, and as single-level cabinetry – such as in the top OR bottom cabinets. Even muted tones such as olive and sage pair best with white subway tile or an ivory island.

yellow and blue kitchen


One of the best colors for both high and low sunlight kitchens. Yellow cabinets can be coupled with light and dark accents for bright, happy moods or more toned-town, dainty, demure vintage designs.


From royal, navy, denim, and teal blue is versatile enough to span a wide variety of tastes and aesthetics. Choose a light teal shade for a retro kitchen reminiscent of the 50s or a faded blue with undertones of gray for a rustic beach look. Bright primary shades like Indigo and Royal blue are perfect for, sleek, modern kitchens and Navy is versatile as…all of the above!

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