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Don’t you want the color you choose to have some personality instead of the drab, dismal, colors of yesteryear? We understand that choosing just a few colors from the thousands of new and unique shades can be a very tedious process, but fear not, we are your color pallet problem solvers! This video showcases three methods on how to choose the perfect color for any room in your house.

Stick With Similar Temperatures: Most colors are categorized by either warm or cool. Blues and greens tend to look good together because both are cooler colors. It’s the same with a rich brown and a soft beige. Both are warm neutral colors. Pairing the same temperatures tend to work harmoniously together.

Keep It Monochrome: Another combination is a monochromatic palette. Keep all colors within the same hue but deepen or lighten the tone. For example, have a medium green for the walls with an accent wall deep green and the trim a light green.

Work With Complementary Colors: You don’t need to stick with just one variation of color. Go with a hue of violet with yellow accents or a blue-green with red-orange.

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