What are you looking for in your office? A simple, quick paint job or a more indepth, eye-popping aesthetic? Is it a home office or a large corporate setting? What is your company’s brand or focus? These are very important questions to ask yourself before getting started. If you are coming up blank when it comes to your new office design, don’t worry. We are here to help get you on the right track. This blog covers all the top trends and styles to make sure you have the most stylish workspace that is not only within your budget, but stimulates office productivity.

1. Wallpaper

● A visually unique option that can come in a myriad of very stunning patterns. 

● The options wallpaper can give your room as far as themes, textures, and designs far surpass those of paint.

● Certain technologies allow for a very simple application and removal process

bird wallpaper

● It comes in washable varieties that are perfect for public places like offices.

● If you want a mural, you could hire a master mural painter or have custom wallpaper made and hang it in an afternoon.

2. Paint

● There are almost infinite shades of paint available today.

● The clean look of a new paint job not only paint successfully covers up blemishes on the wall but aides in a cleaner breathing atmosphere 

painted walls

● A fresh paint job of the right color can make a room or office seem completely new and if the right color is chosen can even make the room feel bigger.

● The right new shade of paint can really promote creativity. For example, green is one of the easiest colors on the eyes, making it a good color for long term concentration and mental clarity, whereas blues with yellow hues can provide a very passive and calming tone to the room. These colors are excellent choices to blanket your office in, promoting a safe and calming work environment.

● Defends against moisture.

All in all both options can provide an excellent aesthetic for your office or workspace. The benefits each option can provide should not be overlooked, nor should the cons be discounted. Do yourself a favor and take into account color schemes, textures, themes, designs, and company logos when you are considering this very important decision.