Many of us have had to retrofit certain rooms of our home into a makeshift office space. With many traditional paint jobs still present inside our homes, we may find the room’s current aesthetic in need of a boost. Repainting your area can completely change the feel of your space, so don’t underestimate the power of the right color. Most homeowners and designers understand we typically associate certain different colors with homes and businesses, but let’s be creative and think towards a new type of positivity in 2021.

Your Favorite Colors

In a ton of ways, the “rules” that once existed are a thing of the past. Using color variants you like, even if they were a bit out of place or unique, was frowned upon in the previous design era. If you are going to spend hour after hour eating, sleeping, and working in the same space, make it the color you desire regardless of the rules.

Easy On The Eyes

Green is a great starting point, dim or pastel greens are easy on the eyes and with hundreds of shades to choose from you can add a much-needed earthy feel to your indoor environment.

Black and White

Classic yin and yang; balancing the aesthetic and the eye for an ever-effective design to keep up both mood and productivity. Never has there been a greater need of finding the at-home sanctuary than now, and this legendary example is a perennial go-to.

home office

Boring and Conventional Ideas Are Going to be a Hard Sell in 2021

The bright exuberant color scheme of a nation reinventing itself is going to be at the forefront. Be sure to welcome a more abstract and entertaining color scheme from cool blues to bright reds into your home.

2021 has catharsis written all over it, and with that model of positivity, adorn your workplace with the same feeling of positivity. The opportunity to stay working from home is the correct solution for many and a respite that is now a possibility even after its initial necessity. With the perfect at-home workspace, you will be more productive and in better spirits. If you have questions about interior painting, call us ASAP we will help any way we can!